I am carried by my ambition to be a devoted designer, rich with creativity and ideas to indorse in any projects that cross my path. I'm from Covina, CA and ever since I was a kid, I've been creating, branding and identifying many art forms and ideas that amazingly came to me without even knowing; these include school projects to marketing/ designing for a Law Firm, company identities, and even fashion apparel. These experiences go far beyond your typical generic logos, business cards, letterheads and stationery design packages. I work on a lot of branding needs, but most businesses don't follow such a radical pattern, or such a fresh concept. As a devoted designer who is capable of thinking outside the box when needed and push the envelop when it's necessary, I am able to offer my great talent and creativity. What i bring to the table is being ahead of the game with cool new effective ideas, concepts and designs that enhance company growth.


Impeccable, superior, well-organized, creative thinker and confidant, are just some of the words my clients (past jobs) and references use to describe my talents as a creative (Designer), work ethic and personal skills. I stay focused in a very intriguing way in order to produce great art/designs on a regular basis. I surround myself with great art that has been made before and investigate how it all came together to better my craft. I use my technique to visualize something better or something that has never been done before, or I try to recreate it in a better fashion. I only strive to create great work to only make an impact, but we all know the world will never agree on everything all the time. I know that I can create many concepts that will elevate new ideas and designs that can stamp its mark in any platform. However, this all comes from hard work and dedication to always be the best. For someone such as I to make this happen and get a reaction, this is an amazing skill to have in such a competitive industry.